• A rug collaboration inspired by the principles of Japanese Minimalism and natural elements, each unique hand-knotted rug in this collection is the marriage of both the aesthetic and spiritual. The designs are inspired by natural elements and paired with a corresponding healing crystal that best complements that element.

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  • KAMI

    Kami meaning Paper inspired by rice paper’s translucency and texture. The multiple layers of this rice paper rug resemble our continuous growth in life.

  • KUNO

    The kuno meaning clouds, this rug is inspired by the clouds in the sky. Clouds signify constant change and aspiration of bigger goals in life.

  • SAKO

    Sako meaning sand was created to look like an abstract zen garden. Japanese Zen Gardens were originally created to imitate the intimate essence of nature, and to serve as an aid in meditation.

  • TORO

    Toro symbolizes joy inspired by the beautiful Japanese lanterns. It all about the circle of life and infinite nature of energy

  • DADO

Triade Table


    Marble: a millenary material in art and architecture turned into protagonist of contemporary design.
    An original concept coming to life with Kreoo.

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  • Verde Ming Marble / Bianco del Re Marble / Rosa Portogallo Marble

    50 IN (127cm) x 30 IN (76.2 cm)

Colum Side Table


    Paper Factor was created from the exceptional qualities of a solid surface material made from a new compound of micro-paper: an innovative evolution of papier-mâché, scientifically tested and developed in collaboration with the University of Salento.

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Height: 23” H Diameter : 12”