About us

We are a Miami-based interior design firm founded in 2000 by Carola Hinojosa.

  • Hinojosa design strives to create impeccable spaces using our evolved techniques, masterful proportions, fine materials, and meticulous detailing. As interior designers, our ability to incorporate precise and detailed finishes to any space, is what leads to designing each space with intention and purpose. We count with more than a decade of experience and education in all aspects of the Interior Design.

  • Sabrina Maclean has dedicated her career to building a strong team of passionate designers to help create her vision. Her team along with herself, are the foundation of the company creating harmonious spaces for all clients. Initiated into the industry by her mother and founder, Carola Hinojosa, Sabrina now takes complete control of the prestigious studio located in the heart of Miami.

  • Sabrina Maclean is known for her mindful and detailed approach to her work, gravitating towards elements of wellness and sustainability in her work to add a feeling of serenity. She embodies a keen eye for design within Interior Architecture to not only create spaces but to provide a uniquely holistic experience for her clients. Interior Design is what she loves and does best, hence her deep passion for the studio and love for her team.

  • Founder and acclaimed designer, Carola Hinojosa, began her career in her native country of Bolivia with clients in: residential estates, foreign embassies, country clubs, and hotels. Over the past two decades, she has made a powerful name for herself and her company in the design world. In addition, she is one of the most respected designers in all of Miami with several important private residences as well as luxury condominiums and hospitality properties.

    Carola believes that luxury has much to do with the power of staying simple and minimalistic within all breathtaking spaces. Simple touches such as: clean lines, neutral palettes, and authentic material are foundations to remain elegant yet still remain comfortable and timeless in Interior spaces. Within these spaces, light, color, and texture are all brought together in perfect balance inside the home, while outside, natural surroundings contribute to a seamless extension in the design.

The Team

Marlene Heres | Accounting Manager

Gus | Intern

Mary Carmen Rodriguez | Interior Architect

Sabrina Maclean | Principal

Esther Alvarado | Junior Designer

Elay Die-Girbau | Lead Designer

Carlos Mancin | Lead Designer